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Name Eun-Jee Park Date 17-01-16 16:34


Purpose of Participation Presentation
Name Eun-Jee Park
Affiliation Busan University of Foreign Studies
Status Research Professor
Title of Paper Proposal Teaching and Learning about the Mediterranean in East Asia: A Dialogue on Taiwanese and South Korean Experiences
Abstract The Mediterranean is composed of different peoples, cultures, and places coming together in the confines of a sea basin.  How do students in East Asia understand the variety of components that form Mediterranean connections, regionalisms, and disconnections?  How do they make sense of these elements and phenomena in relation to their own personal experiences as well as more familiar socio-political contexts?  This presentation examines these and other questions in order to discuss teaching and learning about the sea basin in East Asian countries.

To explore these issues, we offer a joint presentation based on experiences at Busan University of Foreign Studies (South Korea) and National Taiwan University (Taiwan).  Examples from teaching at these institutions, as well as preliminary surveys sampling the viewpoints of our students, help bring forth diverse points of view on Mediterranean studies.  Disciplinary specializations in film studies (Park) and history (Liang) also add a variety of content, geography, methodology, and chronology to the discussion.  Park’s courses include  “Introduction to Mediterranean Cinema” that brings French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Algerian, Iranian and Kurdish films rarely seen in South Korean theatres to her students.  Liang teaches history including “Introduction to the Middle East” and “Spanish Empire 1300-1600” and is the first permanent faculty member to teach this field at his university.  Presented as a dialogue, we seek to initiate a dynamic discussion that welcomes the audience to share their experiences teaching Mediterranean studies in Asia and elsewhere in the world. 

The Mediterranean is looming ever larger in East Asian perspectives.  South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan maintain longstanding economic and political ties with the Mediterranean; China is implementing a “One Belt, One Road” policy.  Conflicts, violence, and hopes in the sea basin dominate the news.  Italian, French, Turkish, and other Mediterranean cultures exert an alluring pull on imaginations.  Reflecting these trends, the Asian Federation of Mediterranean Studies Institutes (AFOMEDI) was established in 2016 to advance the study of this region.  As members of the founding council of AFOMEDI, Park and Liang’s joint presentation represents the international cooperation that is helping develop knowledge of this region in East Asia.
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