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Name Yoshie KOJIMA Date 17-01-14 19:30


Purpose of Participation Presentation
Name Yoshie KOJIMA
Affiliation Sophia University, Tokyo
Status Associate Professor
Title of Paper Proposal Representation of Glory of the Norman Kingdom of Sicily: Latin, Byzantine, and Islamic Art in the Palatine Chapel of Palermo
Abstract The Norman Kingdom, created in 1130 by Roger II of Sicily, hosted different religious communities (such as Catholic, Orthodox Christian, and Muslim) that coexisted in relative harmony. Their distinctive characteristics were combined on the second floor of the Palatine Chapel, located in the center of the Royal Palace or Palazzo Reale in Palermo, and commissioned by the same Roger II. Indeed, the Royal Palace is one of the most distinctive cases of the coexistence of Latin, Byzantine, and Islamic art in medieval Europe.
I will investigate how divergent artistic languages were employed in the royal religious space reserved for Norman sovereigns, focusing on the following issues.
First, I will analyze the juxtaposition of different cultures in one space of the Palatine Chapel, examining the Latin method of space organization. This includes Byzantine mosaic decoration, the singularly and patently Islamic form and decoration of the ceiling, as well as Arabic inscriptions in Kufic form.
Second, I will investigate how these different artistic languages are amalgamated in one space to represent an idea. That is to say, it is proposed that all of the distinctive components of the art in the chapel are engaged to represent one meaning: the notion of the supremacy of the Norman Kingdom, assured by the Christian authority and Islamic heavenly pleasures.
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