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Name Etsuko AOYAGI Date 17-01-13 21:47


Purpose of Participation Presentation
Name Etsuko AOYAGI
Affiliation University of Tsukuba
Status Professor
Title of Paper Proposal The falsified representation of the Algerian author Mouloud Feraoun
Abstract The falsified representation of the Algerian author Mouloud Feraoun
--- An analysis of its generating process and re-evaluation of his works

(Name:)  Etsuko AOYAGI
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Tsukuba, Japan

Mouloud Feraoun (1913-1962), one of the most famous writers in Modern Algeria, has been generally assumed to create very “simple” and “innocent” texts in French.  In addition, the media and critics repeatedly have emphasized his personal image as an “assimilated” and obedient figure in the period of French colonialism.  These views, which are widely shared between readers and academic researchers, have given the reasons for keeping away them from attentive investigation of his works.
    This paper has a two-fold aim. First, besides demonstrating the author’s keen awareness of dogmatic ideas in every field, I will bring out how his literary works developed a deep polyphonic vision of men and society.  The re-evaluation of Feraoun’s literary activities will go along with the second objective: I will make clear several steps of falsification concerning the representation of Feraoun and his literature, especially formed by his French friend Emmanuel Roblès and the publisher in Paris.  To this end, this study mainly examines his first novel The Poor Man’s Son in its original version (1950) by comparison with Seuil’s shortened popular version (1954), and considers his last, then-unpublished, novel The Anniversary (the title given by the author), which was published 45 years after his death as The Rose City (2007).  I will refer to the publisher’s documents such as reviewers’ comments on the manuscripts, in order to give a fruitful argument.
This paper’s investigations should contribute to opening a new discussion in French literature and culture around the Mediterranean area that might not be easy to raise for French scholars and even for North African researchers who are generally under their strong influence.
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